Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Little Update

As of today I mailed out another set of letters. In case you weren't someone who received one, here's your own internet version. :)

       Approximately four months ago I mailed out my first set of letters describing my upcoming trip to Africa. The response was overwhelming. In fact, in the first month alone I raised more than half of the total cost of my trip. It became even clearer to me that Africa is where God wants me to be for the second half of this year.
       When I mailed my letters in January, it marked 184 days out from the day I leave. Now it is almost less than 70. It always fascinates me how quickly time passes by. Thinking about my continually shortening time left here in Pittsburgh, it causes me to reflect about the time I have left here on Earth and each day that God gives me. Each new day that I can awake to morning light and be given another opportunity to live differently today for God. There are times when it becomes habit to think that being different is a goal, rather than a lifestyle. In this I realize that being different does not come tomorrow unless it begins today.
       As my time here in Pittsburgh shortens, my appreciation for my family and friends grows ever more. Knowing that I am leaving has reminded me to appreciate all of life for what it is now, because what today is may not be the same as tomorrow. At my age, with most of my peers as young adults trying to figure out where to go, I consistently feel the pulse of wondering when the next big ‘life event’ will happen. Everyone is waiting until they get to college, graduate college, get a job, get married, etc. We are always waiting for tomorrow rather than finding the priceless value that exists in today. I love how God is teaching me so much from this trip, even though I have yet to experience it. I do believe these blessings and lessons will continue to be given during and surely after my trip.
       I wanted to thank and encourage all of those who have previously or are currently supporting me in my endeavors. You have shown me the love and generosity of God and it is such a beautiful thing! Currently I have obtained $7,100, leaving $2,200 left to raise. Knowing that God has brought me this far, I rest assured knowing He will bring me the rest of the way. For those who have not financially supported me, consider if this is an opportunity for you to give. Giving is not simply fulfilling the temporary trip I am adventuring onto, but it is also fulfilling and supporting the eternal kingdom of God as well as the people of each country I visit. As always, please continue to pray for not only me but the rest of my team as well!

If you are excited about my upcoming adventure and would like to support me in it then please view the instructions on the right side of this page which will tell you how you can!

Thanks a bunches!

With love,

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