Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big News!

My team and I were informed of some pretty significant news during our training yesterday. Due to some complications, we are unable to go to Mozambique. That's right. Mozambique is now out of the plan and instead we will most likely travel to Namibia. Namibia is a country northwest of South Africa on the coast. It is essentially opposite of Mozambique. 

Although we were all a bit disappointed in the news, we are also very excited to know that God desires for us to be somewhere else instead. Please continue to pray for this new update as plans and opportunities for us to serve in the community are being worked out. Hein, EM's community partner/leader for all of our work in Africa, lives in South Africa but is originally from Namibia. Not only is it exciting for us to see what God has in store but it is exciting for Hein as well knowing that we are going to experience his homeland. 

As for the team, we are spending a lot of time in training. Yesterday we spent a total of 8-9 hours together discussing various topics such as doctrine, approaching other cultures, our worldview, and so much more. There is so much preparation happening as we approach diving into the Navajo Reservation as well as Africa in the upcoming weeks. Please pray for our team as God works to prepare us to go into these new places with open hearts, ears, and minds so that we may love deeply, listen well, and understand greater.

Lastly, I have really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with my teammates. I feel that God has definitely handcrafted this team and although we will experience this journey together, He also has many things to teach us individually. Please pray for my teammates and I as God reveals these things to us.

With love,

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